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Products and Solutions

логистика из китая, доставка грузов в казахстан

Road Transportation

We will deliver your cargo quickly, efficiently and safely with our own fleet of vehicles insured across Asian and Kazakhstan. Loads are accepted from 1 kg and to any size. Permanent routes ensure the speed of delivery through the territory of China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

доставка грузов из китая в казахстан, перевозки товаров из китая

Rail Transportation

Rail transportation in China is one of our key expertise areas due to close cooperation with Chinese railways, private stations and hubs. Almost all routes and forms of transportation through the PRC to the RK are available to you, as well as projects for Export to the PRC and East Asia.

перевозки грузов из китая, доставка грузов из китая

Air Delivery 

Cargo delivery by air from China, combined with the service of goods pick up (first mile) from the shippers warehouse to the nearest hub, fast export clearance is one of the most sought after products for customers with urgent cargoes where speed is everything. 

About us


Our work is based on many years of experience of cooperation with retail chains and online stores, manufacturers and distributors in PRC and the East Asia. Our tested multimodal transportation routes from China ensure timely delivery, regardless of your type of cargo or time frame.


Golden Bridge Partners has builts its branch network across China adn Eurasia. Our offices are located in 105 cities in China and key cities in the Eurasia: Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Almaty, Tashkent, Nur-Sultan, Aktau, Atyrau, and Bishkek. Network utilises a large fleet of trucks circulating on key trade routes ensuring efficiency and reliability for our clients. 

project is lead by a team of professionals 

The whole team is working on the project. The team includes:

  • Import management and operation department (manages the supply chain)
  • Service management (controls the entire process on the client side)
  • Warehousing teams (accepts the goods and prepares for shipment to the Republic of Kazakhstan)
  • Cutoms clearense and transit department (carries out customs procedures at the border and locally)
  • Finance and accounting department (ensures compliance and timely support)

we help your projects grow 

We continue to lead your project even after creation. We constantly monitor its condition, performance, make timely adjustments to the routes, take measurements, tests, if necessary to increase your sales.

We will help to establish deliveries without risks. We will provide the best tariffs from the manufacturer, without extra charges from wholesalers, without extra charges from intermediaries.

cross border Legal and regulations compliance

Our team works in compliance with all legal norms and rules in accordance with the laws of all countries where our offices are located. You should not be afraid that the manager will suddenly “get lost”, you will be ignored by phone and so on. Only official contracts, tracing, transparent terms of cooperation and guarantees. Formal contracts and acts of delivery.  Our company practices full compliance to safety requirements.

work with aus - look beyond the horizon

Golden Bridge Partners offers to realize their professional potential and increase the luggage of their knowledge. Remain yourself - independent, active, proactive - despite all the formalities of the logistics industry. Realize unique ideas and take part in unprecedented projects using the powerful resource base of an international company.


customs clearence solutions 

  • Customs clearance of export and import projects in China and Kazakhstan 
  • The provision of customs brokerage services throughout the Republic of Kazakhstan, including the border with China
  • Organization of customs clearance under any delivery terms, from EXW to DDP and etc
  • Calculation of customs payments and taxes, advisory services with access to best practices 

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горы, китай, грузы, доставка товаров из китая
доставка грузов из китая, перевозки товаров из китая
процесс погрузки груза из китая
погрузка груза, товара в казахстан из китая
грузоперевозки в казахстан из китая
грузоперевозка товара из кнр в казахстан
товары, грузы погружены и готовы к доставке из китая

Contact information 

Legal address:

Republic of Kazakhstan, st. Karakulova 40 (BC Ritox, 4th floor), Almaty.

Tel .: +7 727 350 10 10

email: request@golden-bridge.kz (for inquiries)

International offices:

PRC: 河北 深 州市 311 国 道 213 公里 处 (石 黄 高速 深 州 东 出口 东 行 一 公里) 路北。 新疆 快运 仓储 库。

Russian Federation: 65 years of victory, 1, Moscow region, Lyubertsy


Questions? Please call us

+7 (727) 350 10 10